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IVSComm is dedicated to providing Cloud Communication Services for small to medium size companies that need the functionality and quality offered to large companies at an affordable cost. The founders of IVSComm, Marc Browning and Shawn Wright, have years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of PBX phone systems such as Nortel and Avaya and decades in network management.

Cloud Communication has matured as a technology with robust features that surpass those of prior premise-based PBX phone systems. IVSComm believes that the benefits of increased performance and bandwidth from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), along with affordable pricing, will serve the small to medium business community very well in this time of economic pressures.

The digital age has come to cell phones and TV. Voice service is next to evolve and will become totally digital during the next decade. We have built IVSComm to offer the best featured and affordable Cloud Communication Solution.

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